The one and only reference guide to discover and reach over 4,500 Aboriginal businesses and organizations

The Quebec-Labrador Aboriginal Business and Communities Directory regroups comprehensive listings of all Aboriginal businesses and organizations by Inuit and Indian territories in Quebec, Labrador and the Maritimes. The publication also contains detailed location maps for each Aboriginal community, current and historical information on the First Peoples history and a complete directory of addresses, phones and Internet address of all the Aboriginal business network in these territories!

The one and only Aboriginal business guide!

A complete reference tool to discover and reach directly over 4,500 Aboriginal Businesses and Organizations in Quebec, Labrador and the Maritimes!

Information-Communication-Business Development!

Find out about the First Nation’s Communities Business Network, History and Culture!

  • Reach out for decision-makers and buyers from the aboriginal business community with the Quebec-Labrador Aboriginal Business and Communities Directory - The perfect media for business development in the Aboriginal marketplace!
  • Benefit from the strategic information provided and build trusted and respectful business partnerships with Aboriginal entrepreneurs and organizations - Establish sustainable relations and profitable economic alliances!